Let Me Out

17 Feb

“Let me out” is a line from The Smashing Pumpkins song, Cherub Rock. Great song!

Anyway, I didn’t come here to write about The Smashing Pumpkins. I came here to say, well, let me out! Let me out of work and let me be a stay at home mom. Let me out of the daily grind and let me stay home with my kids. Let me out…

There’s so much more I can do at home: clean, chores, take care of kids, appointments, drive kids to activities, exercise, write, blog more often, read, and last but not least, catch up on shows. There’s so much to do at home, there’s no time for being a slave to the grind and working for The Company.

Let me out!

All Women’s Problems Begin With Men…

17 Feb

I’ve decided that men have a problem with narcissism.  It doesn’t mean that it can’t be helped, but men are at greater risk for this condition than women.

When I say narcissism, I don’t mean a woman has to leave, but rather look into ways of helping and dealing with the disorder.   What if you know the person extremely well and know what they’re like inside?  Not all narcissistic men are bullies!

Here’s my opinion:  I feel men seem to think of themselves or their stuff as more important.  Men tend to turn things around to manipulate women or make the woman feel guilty or bad.  They may threaten frequently.  They can be warm and sweet, but turn cold in a flash.

I don’t think all men realize what they do.  Narcissistic behavior can be very hurtful, and a woman needs to know what she’s up against to understand what she’s dealing with.

A good man is hard to find as they all bear a few narcissistic traits, but I do believe some men can be relieved of these attributes.


A site I found on narcissism and relationships:  www.goalcast.com/2018/04/02/in-a-relationship-with-a-narcissist/

If you read this, I hope it clarifies your understanding of narcissism and how to deal with it.



Jesus Saves.

20 Jan

As a Christian, I have learned that when you’re faced with a problem, lost and/or confused, Jesus really does save.  He is there for us, died for us on the cross, and was reborn to love us and guide us through our path in life.  He is the one with undying and unconditional love for us.  He is there to wash away our sins with forgiveness and love.  He is there.






24 Nov

As I sit here in the dark, listening to music, I wonder again what to write.  I stare at the screen, pondering.  Should I compose a poem?  Tell a story?

I scroll through my music and click on songs.  A song catches my attention: C’est la vie by Ace of Base.  “Love will come to you/You are always 21…”  I remember being 21 — young and stupid.  Life was so much different back then.  First of all, when I was 21, we didn’t have cell phones, or at least they weren’t mainstream.  The internet was just beginning to bloom.  George W. Bush was starting his first term as POTUS.  The twin towers were still up.  I saw them in NYC when I visited them — don’t really remember them, but I know they were there.  I remember they fell the next year when I was 22…


I switch to The Beatles, and my AirPods die.  Damnit.  Oh, well…  time to finish up.  What sort of things happened in your life when you were 21?









Recurring Dream

2 Nov

So, I have this recurring dream about finding someone lost — my first daughter’s dad. I don’t know much what to say about it, but it has happened off and on throughout the years. I wonder if I want to find him for Jasmyne — to let her know about him so she can know her daddy and let her find out about the other side of her family. That’s it, I think.

What do you think?

Work dream

2 Nov

I just had the weirdest dream. I dreamt a client (an old man) at a past work house was going downhill. He doesn’t normally talk, but in this dream he was talking and telling me everything that was happening to him. The house I used to work at is a onelevel, but in this dream, it had stairs going up. I remember someone saying the company was about to close this house down. When I was done visiting the house and the client, I was driving (a wheelchair?!) and as I was turning left, a car moved over the lane, and hit me head on. They tried to blame me. I was worried about my car and was also driving a wheelchair.

This is all I remember upon waking…


Insomniac Nights.

16 Aug

When sleep does not come

and you’re up ’til the sun

when you can’t unwind

and turn off your mind

all you can do is write

late into the night

curl up in the nook

and read a book

and ease yourself into







Sad world.

6 Aug

You know the world is becoming a sad place to live and raise children when you watch the news or open up a newspaper, and you see headlines like El Paso or Dayton.  How many countless mass murders do we have to have before enough is enough?  One is too many, if you ask me.  Here is a poem I have composed for the victims and families:


When I woke up this morning

I did not see the warning

I walked into danger

and a killer filled with anger

As he pressed the trigger of his gun

I tried to run

My feet felt like lead

I thought, This is it.  I’m dead.  

A bullet pierced my skin

And he shot me again

I fell to my hands and knees

Begging him to stop, please

He did not cease

Now I rest in peace.

















24 Jul

Aside from doing a MONOBLOG or BLOGALOGUE (whatever you want to call it), I would like to take a vacation soon — without kids and away (far away) from my clients.  I need to step away from the daily grind and have some R n R.  Can married couples take vacations separately?  I would love to go with my husband somewhere, but what if I need a vacation from him, too?  Nothing bad — I just want to GET AWAY!

I have two vacations planned — with children.  One to Spokane with both kids, and one to Arizona with my daughter to see Grandpa, but I would like a real vacation — AWAY FROM EVERYTHING!

Tell me — is it okay to take a vacation on your own when you’re married?!



23 Jul

So, I’m thinking of turning this blog into a BLOGOLOGUE where I can practice monologues for fun.  I will record myself doing a scene, and you can respond with yay or nay, hot or not.  Sound cool?  Let’s see if I can do this…